Protecting Yourself From SPAM

HiNet WebMail provide several ways to help protect your account from SPAM emails.

1. You can efficiently block SPAM by using 「垃圾信防護設定」(AntiSpam Protection) in 「個人設定」(Options) in combination with 「垃圾郵件名單」(SPAM Email List, Black List) and 「正常郵件名單」(Trusted Email List, White List).

First, please click number 5. at left Menu.

Second, click the 6th-button as below.

(1) User can select different level of Anti-Spam Protection according to his/her requierment.>>more

(2) SPAM Email List(Black-List ) is for blocking emails from specific email address or from entire domains (a domain is the part of an e-mail address that follows the @ sign), and emails from the senders within the Trusted Email List(White-List) will not be regarded as SPAM emails.>>more

2.You can also use a set of filters to filter your emails. The filters can be set up in 「信件過濾規則設定」(Filters Setting). After clicking number 5. at left Menu, you can select the 5th-button as below.

(1) Most of the time, a SPAM email receiver(the To/CC header) is not your email address.
You can set up a filter to just accept emails with your email in the To/CC header to decrease the chance to see those SPAM emails.(Method: When 「收件者/副本」(To/CC) exclude your email, deliver the email to the SPAM folder(垃圾信件匣). )

2. If you frequently receive some SPAM with similar subject,
you can set up a filter to move them to the SPAM folder.
Method: When「主旨」(Subject) contains the keyword "貸款"(loan), deliver the emails to the SPAM folder(垃圾信件匣).

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